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AIP Self Weeding Transfer Paper

This transfer paper is specially formulated for use with inkjet sublimation inks, suitable for heat transferring photos, designs and any images to T-shirts made 100% cotton, polyester or cotton / polyester blend fabrics. If done right, this unique transfer paper shows great results comparable with any high quality transfer paper. However, it does not require cutting, whether electronically or manually, and can be used with both light and dark (but not black) color T-shirts. Once the image printed on this paper is heat transferred to a T-shirt, only the printed portion of the paper sticks to the shirt, hence self weeding (or self cutting). No time consuming weeding is required!

Please note that this paper must be used with sublimation ink. If you do not have a sublimation system, please do not try this paper.


  • No weeding, cutting or trimming required, only the printed portion is transferred
  • Used for both light and dark color (but not black) T-shirts made of 100% cotton, polyester or cotton / polyester blend fabrics
  • Comparable results with high quality transfer papers
  • Any images from black / white to full color, especially vector graphics
  • Directly applying flocking or foil on top of the transferred image
  • Use with heat press, inkjet printer and sublimation ink




As for use with dark color T-shirts, white or light spots will not show up because only the printed portion will stick to the shirts. But some darker or black image will still be transferred. So as long as the image is darker than the T-shirt color and without light spots, it will work. It will not work on black T-shirts.

For best result, we strongly recommend you place our heat-resistant high-density foam pad (the similar size as the platen, P/N AIP-A007 and AIP-A008) on top of silica gel pad or directly on top of bottom platen, even if your press comes with a silica gel pad. This layer of high-density foam can ensure 100% contact between T-shirt (or other substrate) and transfer paper and platens, better retaining heat, so that there is no spot of an image left untransformed. Besides, it can also help to eliminate the yellowish stain by reducing the pressure caused by hard surface of platens.

For more information on this product, please see Frequently Asked Questions - AIP Self Weeding Transfer Paper.

If you need testing images, download this zip file to your computer.


Available Sizes

  • Letter Size (P/N AIP-P904): Standard letter size 8.5 x 11"
  • Large Size (P/N AIP-P905): Standard 11 x 17"


AIP Self-weeding Transfer Paper 8.5x11", 25pcs/pack (AIP-P904)   $20 CAD  


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